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Warning: Roadblock Ahead

In life, have you ever heard of the term “roadblocks” and wondered, what are they? A quick definition would be anything that is keeping you from what you want.

It’s easy to know what you want, but it’s not always as easy to understand your roadblock that keeps you from it. The more self aware you are, the more you’ll be able to understand yourself and your roadblocks better.

Here are some examples of wants and roadblocks, see if you can relate:

Your Want: to connect to others on a deeper level

Your Roadblock: you're uncomfortable with quite time so you fill in the space

Your Want: to get more organized and have more structure

Your Roadblock: you feel like your being pulled in every direction because you have so many responsibilities

Your Want: to be in a peaceful environment

Your Roadblock: your uncomfortable connecting to feeling the peace within you

Your Want: better

Your Roadblock: you tell yourself you're not worthy of more

Growth comes when you are able to recognize your roadblock as a roadblock.

What are your wants and roadblocks? And the big question, how can you overcome them?

Taking one step at a time is a great start. Hiring a coach is even better.

I'm always amazed at the transformation that occurs when my clients talk about going through their roadblocks. Because through the block there is a solution, an idea, and a better understanding of yourself. But first, you must become aware.

Do you have a roadblock that you need help overcoming? You don’t have to do it alone. CLICK HERE to book your first call with me - let’s chat first, no pressure. Esther Malky Growth Focus Life Coach #roadblocks #lifecoach #lifehappens

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