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Hi, I'm Esther.

"Overwhelm to Peace"

Creating your Dream

Like you, my clients are high achievers they encounter challenges.

Roadblocks show up on their path.

They feel overwhelmed because they have too much to do!

Although, they know deep down that they could live a life of peace, harmony, and structure.

My clients know they could be living a better life.

Not living at their full potential makes them feel terrible inside.

That's the point that I meet them

They choose to sign up for the 10 Week Growth Focused Program. To become their best self, to have more structure, to live a more meaningful and peaceful life.

Image by Marra Sherrier

Within a short time, they get the results they've only dreamt about. The structure, inner peace, and fulfillment. They get it all!

You could experience this transformation too!

Click below to book a call for more info on how the Growth Focussed Life Coaching Program could help you.

" Esther is gentle, to the point, and focused. She helps you get things done and FREE challenges in a gentle way!."



My  Story

Have you ever had this moment where you stop and look at your day, or your week  and realize its just been one stressful situation after the next with no real break? That's where I found myself not too long ago.


I didn't want this life that had me aching for a vacation. Instead, I wanted a life where I felt like there was enough minutes in a day to take care of my family, my career dreams, and myself.

I asked myself a lot of questions and I searched for answers to get the change I so desperately needed.

Things really started to shift once I started learning from some of the world's best life coaches. They had me taking responsibility for my life, teaching me this growth mindset, and had me taking small actions every day leading me towards a life of inner-peace. 

Today, I feel more at peace. I have enough minutes in my day to spend time with the ones I love, and to follow my own passions. 

I am no extraordinary case. The change is possible for you too.

Life is the most beautiful flower if we tend to it properly. Let's grow the most beautiful garden starting with you. For when we are surrounded by beauty we could only grow.


What I Would Do If I Were You...

My life changed incredibly. I can't tell you enough how much I believe in the power of life coaching. If you are on the fence, and still unsure, go ahead and book the call. Taking this first step will not be something you regret.

By Esther Malky

Growth Focus Life Coaching

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