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The Reality of Gratitude

You asked “whats the point of gratitude? Isn’t it really fake to be positive all the time?”.  It's common for people to misinterpret gratitude as being happy and positive all the time. I believe there is a time and place to be grateful and that it is unrealistic to feel something like this 24/7.

Being grateful means acknowledging and showing thanks for all the kindness that surrounds you. In the darkest moments when it seems as if it’s all wrong , gratitude allows you to see those sparks amidst the pain.  Focusing on the positivity in your life doesn’t mean you live in the clouds.  It’s being grounded in the reality of your life, that is in fact, not all negative. 

If you are someone who is not in the habit of practicing gratitude, here's  my advice: schedule it in.

If you don’t schedule time for gratitude, you could go through an entire day without expressing your grateful feelings. The more you schedule in gratitude and feel gratitude, don't be surprised if more gratitude comes to you. The more you feel it, the more positive your life becomes. For example: I wake up in the morning, open my journal and write down 3 things I'm grateful for. It is a habit I have scheduled time for. (You can actually use my daily prompts journal guide that I personally use by clicking HERE.) by starting every morning with gratitude, I start to feel it more and more throughout my day. Not for the WHOLE day, but here and there.  Creating a practice of gratitude allows you to see the good that surrounds you and the good that’s within you. You will gain clarity. You feel better.  So that's my personal insight on the reality of gratitude and how starting a small practice like journaling in the morning can have a positive impact on your day aka your life.  To download my FREE Design-Your-Day journaling prompts guide, CLICK HERE. 

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