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Challenges and How to Work Through Them

If I were to tell you that you won’t have any challenges in life - I’d be bluffing. The reality is that we do have challenges, some days more than others and some that last longer than the rest.

What matters most when it comes to these challenges is what you chose to do about it, how you learn from it, and the kind of mindset you have towards it.

It’s about taking those challenges and transforming them into your best moments - your wins!

There is no greater feeling in knowing you did your best.

When you are faced with a challenge and you don’t like the way you responded or you didn’t like the outcome of the event, it gives you an opportunity to understand and prepare to show up better next time because - you’ll know how you want your outcome to be.

Realizing that you do have a choice and are able to make those changes in life is a powerful moment!

If you treat a challenge as a roadblock in your way and try to deal with it by ignoring it or wishing it would disappear - it’ll just stick around until you can actually lift it up and move forward from it.

You have to face it to work through it.

But the more you work on it the easier it gets, and then each time you pass a similar roadblock it will be easier and easier for you to lift.

I challenge you to look out for the challenges that you consider roadblocks.

Ask yourself:

Am I in a cycle of repeating the same things over and over?

Do I keep talking about the same challenges day after day?

If you said yes then it’s time to pause, take the moment to reflect, and then understand that you don’t need to be on repeat anymore and that you can make a change to do something about it.

What changes can you make for your challenging moments to become your wins?

First you must understand that these moments are a gift for you to be able to grow as a person.

Just like when you started learning math as a child, you began with simple examples like 1+1=2. As you grew up you learned more complex equations like how to multiply and divide. It got harder but in a fun and challenging way.

Making changes in your life is also learning something new, so it takes time and practice as you go, but you can also make it fun!

As you start to get better at turning those moments around, you will feel the rewarding benefits of your accomplishments!

Have you been facing a challenge for a long time that you are struggling to overcome? Or do you have a challenge that you don’t want to face alone?

Let’s work together. Click Here to book a one on one discovery call and allow me to give you some support with any of your challenges!

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