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Where To Start When Stuck In Yesterday's Pattern

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Have you ever had thoughts of self-doubt enter your mind? You know, the ones where you tell yourself you aren't worthy?

Maybe they trickled in after you got overwhelmed by confrontational people or handling tough situations. You found this new low where all of your energy is focused on the struggle you're facing, believing others when they put you down, give you harsh criticism or tell you your dreams are silly.

Speaking of dreams...As life goes by, these little wishes keep popping into your mind, begging for attention but you ignore them because you tell yourself “who am I to think I could have that.” After all, so many people told you it’s impossible or really difficult to do.

As life goes on, you keep looking at others and see that their life seems to be working out for them. You see their joy and their confidence and you wonder, are they just lucky? 

How do I know these thoughts so well? They were mine. There was this point in my life that I had enough. I was tired of feeling drained by others actions and words. I had a moment in my life that I saw it was possible to stand up without getting knocked down. Not only that, I saw it as my mission. I no longer would give my power away to others. I took on this new challenge with excitement and got ready! Just like you would do before entering a competition. Only I wasn’t competing with anyone. Just me. Do I stand or do I fall? For me falling wasn’t an option. That’s when I started learning the techniques I would use to stand. 

Now, I am here for you, to be your coach. I am ready to believe in you, cheer you on, for what you dream of is waiting to be your reality.  I always say if you dream it then it’s possible. So where do you begin when you are stuck in the pattern of yesterday but dreaming of tomorrow’s?

The answer for me was coaching. Coaching helped me take the action I needed to start my journey of fulfilling my dreams

The cool part is that I believe you have the answers within you and that’s what coaching is all about finding those answers and acknowledging them as well. Planning your goals, seeing your “stuck points” with clarity and creating a plan to get you living your dream. The nice part is you get a new clarity of your life. You will get to experience a new awareness to specifically transform your most challenging moments into successful wins. 

Oh and did I tell you that I’m so passionate about growth focus life coaching, because if we focus on growing we will grow.

You know life is the most beautiful flower if we tend to it properly. So let’s grow the most beautiful garden starting with you. For when you are surrounded by beauty you could only grow. To book your first free coaching call with me, Click Here. 

Esther Malky Growth Focus Life Coaching

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