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A Heads up about Growth and Transitions

Have you been committed to growing and reaching up for more and then all of a sudden it feels like you hit the floor? You start questioning, doubting, and thinking negative thoughts about yourself. Rest assured: this is a normal part of the growth process. When you first take the courageous step of choosing change and growth you get this excitement in you. Think of it as an adrenaline push. You get this extra power to go and do what seems right for you. That extra adrenaline starts wearing off and that's about when you feel the bang from hitting the floor.

Yes, it's not that pretty of a picture unless you could see it for what it is. You are experiencing a moment of growth transition. After that low you will get back up this time without that initial adrenaline and that in itself is huge! Something to get excited about. This cycle will repeat itself every time you choose growth. It's best if you could understand the process and learn how to give yourself the best care during this time. Take advantage of the extra push you get to get your dreams flowing and know what care you need when you hit the floor. If you put a pillow on the floor it won't hurt as much ;)

I want you to know it's normal and if you find that you're getting angry with yourself, remind yourself this is what you are reaching for. Yes you did want to grow and you are experiencing a growth spurt. After this period, know that you will climb so high. You will get up and this time with more ease.

Take a moment now to write a note to yourself for when you are going through these times. What do you need to hear during your low? Save this email in a place that you could pull up whenever you feel like you need a boost. Can I ask you one question? Did you find this helpful? If yes, CLICK HERE. Esther Malky Growth Focus Life Coaching #growth #growthfocus #transitions #learning #growing

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By Esther Malky

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